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Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2011

Green Lantern Costume Halloween Costume styles are always changing and we have a list of what are going to be some of the more popular costumes in 2011.

Superheros top the list with Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor all being very popular costumes this year.  This is not surprising since they all had a major movies released this year.

Vampires are again going to be a hot item given the popularity of the Twilight Series movies and TV shows live True Blood.

Dressing like Pop stars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry will also popular costumes this year. Finally the extremely popular Angry Birds Game will inspire a lot of Halloween Costumes.

What will you or your kids be wearing this year?

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Halloween Makeup Kits

What would Halloween be without a great costume and the perfect makeup?   Go with a classic Halloween look and make up your face to look like a Witch, Vampire or Werewolf.  If you have kids dress them as a pirate or a character from Avatar.

Do you like something more extreme?  Check out the Screw in the Forehead kit or the Open Wound Kit.

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Dog Riders Halloween Pet Costume

Mailman Riding Dog CostumeA mailman riding a dog is a really great idea for a Dog Halloween Costume.  Everybody knows that mailmen are a dogs natural enemy.  They like to bark at them, chase them and even bite them.

There are also costumes that have a Monkey Rider and Jockey Rider.  If you have more than one dog they can each have their own unique look.

Crazy and Unique Halloween Costumes

Cupcake Halloween CostumeDo you want to dress as something that nobody else at the Halloween Costume Party will be dressed as.  You could be the hit of the party in Banana Costume, Hot Dog Costume, Pizza Slice Costume or Cupcake Costume.    Why not go real crazy and dress in a Bacon and Eggs Costume, Chinese Takeout Box Costume or Breathalyzer Costume.

Imagine getting your friends together and creating a theme.  One person could dress in a Beer Can Costume, another could dress as a Beer Pong Table Costume and the third one could dress in a Breathalyzer Costume.

Check out this great selection of  funny and odd Halloween Costumes.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter is one of the most popular movie characters of all time.  A Harry Potter Halloween Costume is what a lot of kids will want to wear this year.  Your child would look great in a Harry Potter Robe, Scarf and Glasses.   Check out the great selection of Harry Potter Costumes that are available.

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Harry Potter Halloween Costume

Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Lady Gaga WigLady Gaga is one of the most popular performers in the world.  Put together your Lady Gaga for Halloween Costume using these accessories.

The great thing about creating your own Lady Gaga Costume is that you will have your own unique look.

Check Out The Great Selection of Lady Gaga Costumes and Accessories

Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Everyone loves Star Wars!  Star Wars Halloween Costumes are always popular with children and all ages.  You will find all your favorite character like;  Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and many more.  Your child would look so cute dressed in a Yoda, C3P0 or young Anakin Skywalker costume.

Find your favorite Star Wars Character Halloween Costume Here

Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Disney Halloween Costumes

Disney Halloween CostumesDressing as a Disney Character for Halloween is always a popular option.  There are so many great Disney characters that you can dress as you will have no trouble finding the right costumes for you or your kids.

Some of the more popular Disney Costumes include characters from the following movies: 101 Dalmatians,  Toy Story, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan.

Find Your Perfect Disney Character Costume Here

Check out more Halloween Costumes for adults too.


Halloween Pet Dog Costumes

Who does not like to dress up their dog for Halloween?  Why should they be left out.  Whether you have a Labrador Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle, Poodle or Shih Tzu we have the right costume for your dog.  Now you can have the right Dog Costume so your dog is ready to answer go trick or treating or answer the door for visitors.

Find you perfect pet costume by clicking this link.

Halloween Dog Costumes