Cool Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorials

We would like to welcome everyone to our website. If you are not currently our Halloween Fun Fanpage Fan, feel free to join us. We hope to grow to 100K fans before Halloween.

Here are the two amazing video tutorials showing how to create a zombie makeup for Halloween. Enjoy!

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Crazy and Unique Halloween Costumes

Cupcake Halloween CostumeDo you want to dress as something that nobody else at the Halloween Costume Party will be dressed as.  You could be the hit of the party in Banana Costume, Hot Dog Costume, Pizza Slice Costume or Cupcake Costume.    Why not go real crazy and dress in a Bacon and Eggs Costume, Chinese Takeout Box Costume or Breathalyzer Costume.

Imagine getting your friends together and creating a theme.  One person could dress in a Beer Can Costume, another could dress as a Beer Pong Table Costume and the third one could dress in a Breathalyzer Costume.

Check out this great selection of  funny and odd Halloween Costumes.

Halloween Fun Has Begun! Don’t Be Late!

Are you a big Halloween Fan? We put up a Facebook Fanpage for Halloween just few days ago. It has grown to almost 3000 fans at moment of this writing. We hope to see you there and start having fun with the rest of us!

The clock is counting down. Don’t forget to check out the Countdown clock on the Fanpage and remind yourself the time is running out.

Don’t forget you can also find great deals that can save you money on Halloween costumes and decorations.

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Welcome To Big Deal Mall

Welcome to the Big Deal Mall. The ultimate shopping resources of all deals big!

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