Halloween 2011 Countdown – Are You Ready Yet?

Are you ready for the best holiday of the whole year? This the Halloween 2011 TV Advertisement from Disney Land in Hong Kong.  Are you ready for your Halloween 2011 Party?

Check out the latest Halloween Deals and get ready for the best Halloween party ever!

Don’t forget to watch some amazing Halloween Videos including Zombie Makeup, Creepy Doll Makeup, Pumpkin Carving and more. Best of all, don’t forget to join thousands Halloween Fans on Facebook.

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Spirit Halloween Costume and Decorations Discounts

Spirit 20 Percent Off DiscountSpirit Halloween is the leading provider of Halloween Costumes and Decorations on the internet.  This is a one stop shop for  you to find all you need for a fun and successful Halloween.  For a limited time Spirit Halloween is offering a discount of 20% off a single item.


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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Fun

 This is one of the most interesting ways that I have seen to carve a pumpkin.  Using a gun to carve a pumpkin is a delicate procedure since you do not want to blow up the whole pumpkin.  It is kind of crude but you have to work with the tools that you have.

This video is not nearly as artistic as this one but you will enjoy them both.

P.S.  Do not try this at home!


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Kids Halloween Activities

Kids Halloween Activities Are you looking for unique activities and games for your kids and their friends on Halloween?   Why should you waste your time looking all over for these activities when they are all compiled in one place for you.  These games are ready to print on you home computer and you can be playing the games in minutes.

The types of activities that you will find here are Halloween Word Puzzles, Math Worksheets, Writing Activities, Games, Coloring Pages and many more.  If you are a parent of a teacher than you will have countless activities for your kids to participate in during the Halloween season.

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Creepy Doll Halloween Makeup

Creepy Doll Halloween MakeupLike Creepy Doll? Watch the makeup video below.

Check Out This Great Selection of Special Effects Makeup

Lady Gaga did that and now many people followed! If you haven’t seen other amazing Halloween Makeup Videos, You should check out this most watched Amazing Zombie Makeup video, Zombie Makeup kits video and frighten killer clown makeup video.

Now, join many others on Facebook and enjoy the following creepy doll Halloween makeup video. Let us know if you watch the whole thing. Would you be the creepy doll this year?

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Target Halloween Free Shipping Discount

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes Target has a great selection of Halloween Costumes and Decorations.  Whatever you are looking for you will find at Target.com

You can find costumes for the whole family and decorations for the house.

Spend $50 and get free shipping on your order. This deal is good until Good until October 22 2011.

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Funny Halloween Makeup – You Be The Judge

Is this funny at all? You be the judge. She is really talented for sure! Feel free to share your Halloween makeup idea with our Halloween fans.

If you have not check out the amazing Halloween Zombie makeup tutorials and the Zombie Makeup Kit videos, you should just head to the page now. Don’t be scared! We want you to enjoy your Halloween. Don’t forget to check out our latest Halloween Deals and specials offers.

Watch the following video. Is it’ Funny or Scary?

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2011

Green Lantern Costume Halloween Costume styles are always changing and we have a list of what are going to be some of the more popular costumes in 2011.

Superheros top the list with Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor all being very popular costumes this year.  This is not surprising since they all had a major movies released this year.

Vampires are again going to be a hot item given the popularity of the Twilight Series movies and TV shows live True Blood.

Dressing like Pop stars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry will also popular costumes this year. Finally the extremely popular Angry Birds Game will inspire a lot of Halloween Costumes.

What will you or your kids be wearing this year?

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Amazing Pumpkin Carving Art

Wonder what to do to your pumpkin for Halloween? Check out this amazing video from CBS News below! You can start your own carving businesses like Ray! Check out the Artist’s website at Villafane Studios for more amazing Pumpkin Carving.

Halloween is around the corner! Are you ready for it? You can find many Halloween fun stuff (Costume, Candy, Decoration and Makeup Kits) on our website and more amazing Halloween Videos!

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Halloween Costume and Decorations Discounts

Halloween Savings and Discounts Saving money is always welcome.  You will find many great money saving opportunities on Halloween Costumes and Supplies on this page.

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